Hero Awards

The 100 Club of Buffalo holds multiple annual events every year in order to support our local community support activities.


Firefighter Jason Czora / Buffalo Fire Department
Firefighter Jerry Nappo / Buffalo Fire Department
Firefighter Michael Connelly / Buffalo Fire Department

 On July 19, 2003 Buffalo firefighters from Truck 11 of the 2nd Platoon responded to a fire at Sweet and Moselle Street in the City of Buffalo.  Upon arrival, Firefighters Jason Czora, Jerry Nappo and Michael Connelly found a two and one-half story vacant house fully engulfed in flames.  Other Buffalo firefighters had already entered the building in an attempt to put out the fire.  Suddenly the second floor collapsed, injuring two of the other firefighters and pinning Firefighter Rochester Davis beneath it. 


Upon hearing of the collapse, with total disregard for their own safety and the possibility of a second collapse, Firefighters Czora, Nappo and Connelly ran into the building to help their colleague.  When they reached the trapped firefighter, they found a twelve foot by two foot section of floor weighing in excess of five hundred pounds had fallen on Firefighter Davis, trapping him beneath it.  The three firefighters were able to lift the floor and free Firefighter Davis.  As a result of their quick and decisive actions, a firefighter's life was saved.

The 100 Club of Buffalo & Western New York recognizes Firefighters Jason Czora, Jerry Nappo and Michael Connelly for their heroic actions of July 19, 2003.


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Lieutenant Paul Delano / Buffalo Police Department
Lieutenant Amy Marracino / Buffalo Police Department

On August 5, 2003 while working the 4:00 pm to 2:00 am shift, Lieutenants Paul Delano and Amy Marracino of the Buffalo Police Department were flagged down by a woman who pointed to a man while yelling, "That's him! That's him! He raped her!"  They ordered the suspect, who was on a bike, to stop, but he peddled faster.  The lieutenants gave chase. Lieutenant Delano followed the suspect into a rear yard where he was ambushed by the suspect, who hit him over the head with a lead pipe.  Lieutenant Delano fired at the suspect. The suspect dropped the pipe and came after the lieutenant's gun.  The two men wrestled for the gun.  Despite his head injury, Lieutenant Delano was determined not to let the suspect get his gun. Lieutenant Marracino, who had returned to the car to radio for backup, finally caught up with Lieutenant Delano and the suspect. She quickly realized that the slide on the gun was open rendering it useless. Lieutenant Marracino jumped into the fray and quickly helped subdue the suspect. The suspect, who was recently paroled from prison, had just brutally raped a young college student and attempted to rape another, who was forced to jump out a second story window to escape.  On September 15, 2004 this suspect received a 75 year to life sentence as a persistent violent felony offender.  If not for the quick action and determination on the part of these officers, a very violent and dangerous man would still be on our streets.

The 100 Club of Buffalo & Western New York recognizes Lieutenants Paul Delano and Amy Marracino for their heroic actions August 5, 2003.

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Diane Long / Civilian

On December 17, 2003 Diane Long was riding the metro bus when a fight erupted between a male and female passenger.  It was later determined that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The male suddenly pulled out a knife and began stabbing his girlfriend in the throat, finally slicing her throat with the knife. The woman began spurting blood from her throat.  Ms. Long ran down the aisle of the bus, grabbed the injured woman, and dragged her away from her attacker.  After getting the victim into a seat, Ms. Long was able to calm her down enough to apply pressure and stop the woman from bleeding to death.  Due to Ms. Long's bravery and calm demeanor, the woman's life was saved.

The 100 Club of Buffalo & Western New York recognizes Ms. Diane Long for her heroic actions of December 17, 2003.

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Trooper Anthony S. Larock / New York State Police

Fire claimed the life of a Buffalo woman but a pair of Buffalo firefighters gave the victim a fighting chance by putting their own safety on the line to pull her from the burning home.

The fire alarm sounded on March 1, 2005.  A house was fully involved in flames on Eastwood Place in Buffalo.  Arriving at the scene Firefighters John Relosky and Tom Smolarek learned someone was trapped inside the two-story house.

Fire was blocking the normal building entrances.  Relosky and another firefighter climbed though a rear window beyond the fire, without the protection of hose lines.  Relosky and Smolarek met in the hallway of the bedroom then proceeded to search the bathroom.  Terry Hamner was unconscious on the bathroom floor. With fire and smoke at the front of the house, Relosky and Smolarek decided to take the woman out the rear bedroom.  Smolarek took out the rear bedroom window and jumped to the ground. Relosky handed the victim to Smolarek who then carried the woman around front. The woman was in full cardiac arrest when handed off to emergency medical personnel at the site and was revived at the hospital.

The actions of Smolarek and Relosky gave the victim a fighting chance for survival but the 40-year-old woman ultimately died of severe smoke inhalation.

The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Firefighters John Relosky and Thomas Smolarek for their heroic action on March 1, 2005.

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