Hero Awards

The 100 Club of Buffalo holds multiple annual events every year in order to support our local community support activities.


Officer Carl Andolina / Buffalo Police Department

Officer Patricia Parete / Buffalo Police Department

On Tuesday, December 5, 2006, Officers Carl Andolina and Patricia Parete assisted on a fight call at Valero Market located on South Elmwood at West Chippewa. Officer Parete Carl Andolinaspoke with a woman who said she had been threatened by a man walking from the parking lot of the store. The officers pursued him to Georgia at Whitney for questioning. Officer Parete exited the patrol car and told the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets. The suspect did not comply. Officer Andolina was searching the suspects left coat pocket and Officer Parete was still in front of the suspect. After repeatedly ignoring Officer Parete’s requests to remove his hand, the suspect took out a .38 revolver and pointed it at Officer Parete.  Reacting to the imminent threat Officer Parete grabbed the suspect’s right arm.  However, he shot at Parete striking her twice.  The first round hit her bullet proof vest, whereas the second shot struck Officer Parete causing her to collapse to the ground.

District Attorney Frank Clark and Officer AndolinaOfficer Andolina with disregard for his own personal safety instinctively acted to eliminate the threat.  He grabbed the suspect’s right arm which still held the loaded revolver, and while attempting to subdue the armed suspect, was immediately shot twice.  Severely injured and bleeding profusely, Officer Andolina was able to subdue the gunman underneath him.  When help arrived Officer Andolina radioed for help.

The 100 Club of Buffalo and Western New York recognize Officers Carl Andolina and Patricia Parete for their acts of heroism on December 5, 2006.

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Detective Sergeant Harvey Frankel / Buffalo Police Department
Kayla Frankel, his daughter

While playing outside in Buffalo on a Sunday afternoon, Kayla noticed something was not right so she went and told her dad thatDetective Sergeant Harvey Frankel & Kayla Frankel she saw smoke coming from the house next to her friend’s house. Kayla’s father is Buffalo Police Detective Sergeant Harvey Frankel. Their neighbor, 88 year old Florence Winarski was trapped inside her burning home. Sergeant Frankel didn’t think twice, he shouted but received no response. Sergeant Frankel then proceeded to open the door and was able to see a pair of feet when the smoke cleared a bit. He was then able to pull Ms. Winarski to safety. Unfortunately, despite Sgt. Frankel’s rescue, Mrs. Winarski later passed away from her injuries. The 100 Club of Buffalo and Western New York recognize Detective Sergeant Harvey Frankel and his daughter Kayla Frankel for their heroic actions of July 26, 2007.

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Firefighter Scott Jeziorski / Buffalo Fire Department

The 100 Club would like to honor Firefighter Scott Jeziorski of Ladder Co. 6 for his rescue of three people at two different fires over the past year.

The first incident occurred on August 11, 2006. When Scott Jeziorski arrived at Carl St. inFirefighter Scott Jeziorski Buffalo the fire had completely engulfed the front of the building, as he entered to conduct a search. Crawling through intense smoke and heat, Jeziorski made his way into the bedroom nearest to the seat of the fire. After venting the window in the bedroom, Jeziorski found the victim and quickly brought him out to safety. The 2 year old child later died from his burns at Children’s Hospital, this in spite of the tremendous efforts of Firefighter Jeziorski and all the firefighters who operated at the fire.

The second incident took place at 96 East Utica in Buffalo on February 13, 2007. Upon arrival Jeziorski discovered that children were in the bedrooms on the second floor. Firefighter Jeziorski made his way upstairs through heavy heat and smoke. Once on the Firefighter Scott Jeziorsksecond floor he found the two children on the bed and brought them to safety.

The 100 Club of Buffalo and Western New York recognize Firefighter Scott Jeziorski for his heroic actions of July 27, 2007.

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Deputy Thomas Meredith / Erie County Sheriff's Department

On July 27, 2007, Deputy Meredith was patrolling the Town of Grand Island when he received a radio call of domestic trouble / attempted suicide. Deputy Meredith responded to the call and was directed to a house at 71 Crescent, where he was told a man wasDeputy Thomas Meredith hurting a woman. As he approached the house, he heard a gun shot and a female ran from the house, screaming for help. She was being chased by a male with a hand gun. Deputy Meredith yelled to the subject to drop the weapon, the subject pointed the gun in the direction of the deputy but Deputy Meredith could not fire his service weapon because the female victim was in his line of fire. The suspect turned his attention back to the female victim and fired shots at the victim as they ran. Deputy Meredith continued to chase the suspect firing his weapon when it was safe to do so. He saw the victim had been shot in the shoulder area. The suspect shot the victim again and then turned his attention at the officer. Deputy Meredith again facing an armed suspect pointing a weapon at him had a clear shot as the woman was able to enter the house. The Deputy fired and hit the suspect and the suspect went down.

Deputy Meredith then proceeded to start to treat the suspect by performing CPR on the man who had just shot the victim and pointed a gun at him. It was later discovered that the suspect had pipe bombs in the backpack he was wearing. Deputy Meredith’s actions, with no concern for his own safety, saved the life of the woman and may have saved the lives of several other individuals who lived in the suspect’s apartment building where they later found several bombs and bomb making materials.

The 100 Club of Buffalo and Western New York recognize Deputy Thomas Meredith for his heroic actions of July 27, 2007.

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