Hero Awards

The 100 Club of Buffalo holds multiple annual events every year in order to support our local community support activities.


New York State Trooper Matt D. Luft
On Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Tpr. Matt D. Luft monitored a radio transmission of an erratic driver on St. Rt. 104, T/ Murray who subsequently turned onto Groth Road and was involved in a rollover accident. Upon arrival at the scene, Tpr. Luft observed that the vehicle was upside down on its crushed roof in a swampy area off the roadway. As Tpr. Luft approached the vehicle he observed that the operator, still in his seat belt, was suspended upside down and in distress, having trouble speaking and breathing, due to his head being submerged under water. Tpr. Luft quickly crawled through a window into the vehicles passenger compartment, lifted the operators head out of the swiftly flowing water so he could breath, cut him free from his seat belt and guided him through the rear window of the vehicle where two volunteer firemen administered first aid.
The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Tpr. Matt D. Luft for his swift and heroic actions of February 11, 2009.    
SUNY Police Officers Jonathan Fletcher and Sean Ford
On Thursday, May 21, 2009 Officers Jonathan Fletcher and Sean Ford responded to a call of a car in Lake LaSalle. Upon arrival at the scene they didn’t find a car but a man and his daughter floundering in the lake, unable to swim. The two had ventured into the water in order to save their struggling dog and in turn needed rescuing themselves. Both officers, without regard for their own safety, removed their gun belts and jumped into the lake to assist the victims. It was apparent that the man was having a difficult time in the water and was assisted to shore along with his daughter by Officer Ford while Officer Fletcher was able to retrieve the dog and remove it from the lake. Once safely on shore, another officer now on the scene, Lt. Urbanek, along with Officer Fletcher performed CPR on mans best friend without success but the man and his daughter survived this life threatening ordeal.
The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Officers Jonathan Fletcher and Sean Ford for their heroic actions of May 21, 2009
Niagara County Deputy Sheriff Roger C. Schreader II
On Saturday, August 29, 2009 Deputy Roger C. Schreader responded to a call of a motor vehicle accident on South Transit Road, T/ Lockport where his background as a volunteer firefighter with the Cambria VFD served him well. When Deputy Schreader arrived on scene he observed that one vehicle was on fire so he took the fire extinguisher from his patrol vehicle and while approaching the burning car was advised by a witness that there was a woman trapped inside. Finding the door locked Deputy Schreader used his flashlight to break the driver’s window, used his fire extinguisher in an attempt to knock the flames down enough to reach inside, unlock the door, cut the female victim from her seat belt and remove her to safety before the flames intensified once again. Witnesses at the scene assisted in moving the woman away from the vehicle and advised that the driver of the second vehicle was still in his car. The intensity of the fire was growing so Deputy Schreader, again with disregard for his own safety, along with a fellow Deputy who had now arrived on scene, assisted the driver from the second vehicle and away from danger. The South Lockport Fire Company responded to the scene, extinguished the car fire and rendered first aid to the victims. The woman sustained serious injuries as a result of this accident caused by the other driver who was intoxicated, however the outcome would have been much worse if not for the actions of Deputy Schreader.
The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Deputy Roger C. Schreader for his heroic actions of August 29, 2009
Village of Hamburg Police Officer Sean Gallagher
On Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Officer Sean Gallagher responded to a complaint of a man trapped under a commercial lawn mower in a creek behind a residence in the Village of Hamburg. Upon arriving at the scene, Officer Gallagher, along with Lt. Joseph Wittmeyer, was advised that the 2000 pound lawn mower was on top of the victim who could not be seen below the waters surface. Both officers and a coworker of the victim struggled to lift the lawn mower off of the victim. The situation looked hopeless but Officer Gallagher encouraged his fellow rescuers not to give up and that failure was not an option. The three were finally able to lift the lawn mower enough for Officer Gallagher to reach below it and pull the victim from the water. Once removed, the victim was blue in color and showed no signs of life. Officer Gallagher immediately began CPR and continued until the victim eventually sputtered out water and regained a pulse. The victim was transported by Erie County Sheriff’s helicopter to the Erie County Medical Center in critical condition where he remained for a week before making a complete recovery.
The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Officer Sean Gallagher for his heroic actions of November 3, 2009
Dr. Dietrich Jehle and Mr. Michael Byham 
On Sunday, February 10, 2008 during the third period of the Buffalo Sabres / Florida Panthers NHL hockey game Dr. Bisson, one of the Buffalo Sabres team physician responded to the ice after
On Friday, September 4, 2009 during a normal commute home from work both Dr. Dietrich Jehle and Mr. Michael Byham came upon an eight car accident on Interstate 190 in the City of Buffalo and instead of doing what most people driving past an accident scene would do, call for help, they jumped in to assist in any way they could. One of the vehicles had caught on fire and witnesses were saying that a boy was trapped inside. The boy’s grandfather, the driver, had been able to get out of the vehicle.
Dr. Jehle who is on the emergency room staff at the Erie County Medical Center, recognized the severity and immediacy of the situation and took action. Michael Byham joined in him in approaching the burning vehicle and worked feverishly to extricate 7 year old Asa Hill. Dr. Jehle overheard someone saying they would not be able to get Asa out of the vehicle but true to his nature, would not give up and with the assistance Michael Byham they were able to remove young Asa from vehicle and away from the flames.
The severely injured boy was transported to Women and Children’s Hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.
The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes and presents its Civilian Heroes Award to Dr. Dietrich Jehle and Mr. Michael Byham for their heroic actions of September 4, 2009
Buffalo Fire Department Lieutenant Charles “Chip” McCarthy and Firefighter Jonathan Croom
It is with great sadness that the 100 Club must present the following two awards as they go posthumously to the families of Buffalo Firefighters, Lt. Charles “Chip” McCarthy and Firefighter Jonathan Croom. All Emergency Responders are well aware of the dangers they face each and every time they respond to a call. For these two firefighters, the dangers resulted in them paying the ultimate sacrifice when they responded to a convenience store fire on Monday, August 24, 2009.
A 911 caller said that someone was banging on the wall of a delicatessen on Buffalo’s east side and calling for help inside the burning structure. Fearing someone was trapped inside responding firefighters intensified their search. Unfortunately a floor in the old two-story brick building collapsed with Lt. McCarthy falling through to the buildings basement. Firefighter Croom, without regard for his own safety, entered the structure in an attempt to rescue Lt. McCarthy who was signaling a “mayday, man down” situation. As he was searching, Firefighter Croom fell through the floor ending up in the basement as well. Despite many attempts to get to the fallen firefighters, crews were beaten back by flames and collapsing floors were unable to do so.
Lieutenant McCarthy was a 22-year veteran of the Buffalo Fire Department and is survived by his wife, three children and a grandchild.
Firefighter Croom of Ladder Company 7 was a 10 year veteran of the Buffalo Fire Department.
The 100 Club of Buffalo posthumously recognizes Lt. Charles “Chip” McCarthy and Firefighter Jonathan Croom for their heroic actions of September 24, 2009