Hero Awards

The 100 Club of Buffalo holds multiple annual events every year in order to support our local community support activities.

The 100 Club annually honors heroes throughout Western New York at an Awards Dinner. Hero Award recipients receive a cash stipend to offset expenses, a pin suitable to wear on their uniform or lapel and a memento from The 100 Club. Heroes names are engraved on our Hero Awards Board which is on display at Chef’s Restaurant throughout the year.

Save the Date

The 2016 Hero Awards Dinner is scheduled for Friday, March 3rd, 2017! The event will be held at the Buffalo Club, 388 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY!

Please contact Frank Broderick at the 100 Club office at (716) 481-7945 for information or to reserve your seats or table.

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The 2016 One Hundred Club of Buffalo


2016 Hero Awards

Robert Stauber - Civilian

When a firefighter in full turnout gear goes into a burning building and rescues someone he's called a hero. What can you call a man who is not a firefighter who enters a burning structure FOUR times rescuing an entire family, including a one-month old infant? There may not be a word, but this man is Richard Stauber did so on the evening of February 26, 2016.

Mr. Stauber lived next door to a family in the Aurora Mobile Home Park. A 28-year-old mother of 3 drank a bottle of wine while cooking dinner for her young children, she passed out on a couch and the unattended food on the stove sparked a fire which spread through the structure.

Mr. Stauber had just arrived home from work at the right time and smelled something burning. He thought it might be his car but then saw smoke coming from an adjacent trailer. He was sure the family was home so he pounded on the door several times without a response when he noticed the door was already buckling from the heat of the fire. Mr. Stauber opened the door and thick black smoke bellowed out. He got on his hands and knees and began crawling inside. He was unable to see in the thick smoke but found the mother unconscious on the living room sofa. After dragging her outside, he went back in to find the four and five-year-old boys in their bedroom. He struggled to open their bedroom door as it was a sliding door without a handle so he pulled it from its frame. Stauber, who was briefly overcome by smoke, recovered and found two boys in the bedroom and removed them to safety.

He thought he was done but then remembered the woman had a newborn child. Mr. Stauber went back into the structure one last time and found the bassinet in the living room. He reached up and lifted the baby girl out and removed her from the trailer as well.

The children were evaluated at the scene and transported by ambulance to Mercy Hospital where they were treated for smoke inhalation and then released to other family members. The mother was admitted to ECMC and later charged by the East Aurora Police Department with child endangerment. Fire investigators said afterwards that another two minutes and this would have turned from a heroic act to a multiple person fatal fire.

The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Mr. Robert Stauber for his quick and decisive actions of February 26. 2016 while rescuing a mother and her three children without regard for the dangers and his own safety

Peter O'Brien - Civilian

Last summer saw violent attacks on police officers in several cities across the country. Last summer on the evening of August 24, 2016 one occurred in Western New York.

Grand Island's Peter O'Brien came upon an Erie County Sheriffs police car across from River Oaks golf course, he realized that someone, possibly a law enforcement officer, was in a ditch and in some difficulty. Pulling over he saw a man choking a sheriff s deputy and a woman jumping on the deputy's back. O'Brien rushed over and assisted the gasping Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jason Clark. In the process O'Brien was nipped by the assailants' pit bull. Clark was able to catch his breath and regain his composure as Deputy Sheriff Coiglio arrived to assist and subsequently arrest the man and woman who attacked Deputy Clark.

Mr. O'Brien, a 65 year old retired dock worker does not consider himself a hero, but he truly is, especially to Deputy Clark's wife and two young children.

The 100 Club of Buffalo is fortunate to have citizens who support first responders in such an outstanding manner and would like to recognize Mr. O’Brien for his actions of the evening of August 24, 2016

Unfortunately Mr. O’Brien is spending the winter in Florida and is not able to join us tonight

Buffalo Firefighter Thomas O'Leary

On May 6, 2016 at approximately 5:45am , while most of us were safely tucked away in our beds, Buffalo Firefighter Thomas O’Leary and his company were dispatched to a house fire on Moselle Street on the cities east side.

Upon arrival companies found heavy smoke billowing from a two­ story wood-framed house. As crews were laying hose lines in preparation to enter the structure, a fleeing woman told Firefighter O'Leary that another woman was trapped on the second floor in a bedroom near the middle of the house. Realizing the dire situation and with no time to lose, Firefighter O’Leary entered the structure and rushed upstairs to search for the victim. Firefighter O’Leary was confronted by intense smoke and heat but managed to make it to the bedroom where he found the victim on the floor. Firefighter O’Leary was able to move the victim to the stairs where he was assisted by other Buffalo Firefighters in removing her from the burning structure where she was treated by emergency medical personnel who subsequently transported her to the Erie County Medical Center.

Tonight, the 100 Club of Buffalo would like to recognize Buffalo Firefighter Thomas O’Leary for his heroic actions of May 6, 2016 where he entered a burning structure without the aid of a charged line to save the life of a woman without regard for his own safety.

Buffalo Police Officers Mark Alberti, Raymond Harrington and Pascal Panero

On the evening of August 30, 2016 at approximately 5:34pm off duty Buffalo Police Officer Mark Alberti observed a vehicle enter a parking lot at a high rate of speed, observed the driver exit the vehicle and then retrieve a large caliber handgun from the trunk of his car and brandish it in the air. Realizing that the situation could escalate and knowing there is strength in numbers he called for backup and Police Officers Raymond Harrington and Pascal Panaro responded to the scene.

When they arrived the three officers were forced to deal with an officer's worst nightmare, an unstable, irrational man armed with a handgun. The three officers knew they needed to act quickly before things escalated, especially as there were civilians in the area. Both Officers Harrington and Panaro began shouting commands to "drop the gun". Ignoring the orders, the man waived the gun held in his right hand over his head with a blank look in his eyes. The officers were clear headed and persistent with their commands, without provoking the deranged man, who finally dropped the weapon and began to run preventing an outcome that would definitely not worked in his favor. He didn't get more than a few steps before the officers took him to the ground and handcuffed him. It was at this point the officers discovered just how unbalanced this man was as he began speaking incoherently and said he had suicidal thoughts. After being secured and placed in their patrol car the suspect started banging his head on the rear window and partition within the vehicle. The compassionate officers realized and understood this man needed help and requested an ambulance respond to the scene to transport him to the Erie County Medical Center.

Officers Alberti, Harrington and Panaro demonstrated an overwhelming amount of restraint in a situation where deadly physical force would have been justified by displaying the humanity and compassion, that is a cornerstone of police work, by recognizing this person required immediate assistance from mental health professionals.

The 100 Club of Buffalo would like to recognize Buffalo Police Officers Mark Alberti, Raymond Harrington and Pascal Panaro for their overwhelming self-control and compassion by de-escalating an incident that could have proved fatal to the suspect or others in the area.

Buffalo Police Officers Nicholas Militello and Daniel Ahearn

On June 9, 2016, a pleasant afternoon last summer, Buffalo Police Officers Nicholas Militello and Daniel Ahearn the officers were dispatched to respond to a fire on Collaton St in the riverside area of the city. Upon arriving at the scene, neighbors advised the two officers that residents were still in the four apartment structure. Officers Militello and Ahearn knew they had to act and could not wait for the fire department to arrive. Without regard for their own safety, these two police officers entered the building and heard a woman yelling from an upper apartment. She was disoriented from the smoke and couldn't find her way out.

Officers Militello and Ahearn raced upstairs where they had to kick in the entry door to gain access to the apartment and were met by a wall of thick, black smoke. They knew they had limited time to find the woman so they began crawling into the apartment, holding onto each other's belts to keep from being separated. They called out for the woman who responded and was found holding tightly to her 18-month old baby, the woman was disoriented and confused so Officers led her and the baby out of the apartment by crawling backwards with them to the entry door and subsequently down the stairs to safety.

Officers Militello and Ahearn were not finished as they alerted there were more residents still inside. As other officers arrived they continued to alert and evacuate the residents and their pets from the burning structure.

The 100 Club of Buffalo recognizes Buffalo Police Officers Nicholas Militello and Daniel Ahearn for their heroic actions of June 9, 2016 for disregarding their own safety by entering a burning structure and rescuing a young woman and her infant child.

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