100 Club of Buffalo Directors Meeting Notes

By September 5, 2018September 7th, 2018Uncategorized
Changing the Way We Do Business

The 100 Club of Buffalo is changing how business is conducted. Starting with the November 8th directors meeting, members will be given a quarterly income and expense report. In addition to the quarterly reports, the directors will review an annual accounting report. These new procedures are part of an effort by the  Club to adopt and follow best practices for accounting.

Audit and Search Committees

The Club is activating an Audit and a Search Committee. No Club officers will serve on these Committees.

Now, prior to the Club participating in any fundraising event, or making any donations, the Audit Committee will verify that the recipient falls within our IRS charter and bylaws. The Audit Committee will also be reviewing past accounting records, and advising on the future accounting practices of the Club.

The Search Committee will be reviewing and interviewing candidates for the position of the 100 Club Executive Director.  If Directors are interested in serving on either of these committees please contact Peter Casilio via email.

Please forward resumes of any prospective executive director candidates to peterc@casilioco.com by September 17th.  

Ross Kenzie promoted to Treasurer Emeritus.

Ross Kenzie has served as a director and treasurer for the 100 Club of Buffalo for many years. Ross has been a confidant, and mentor to many of our members. He is directly responsible for growing Club membership, including those who serve the Club as directors. Ross simply told them to join the Club and they did out of respect for Ross Kenzie.

After many years of service to the Club, Ross Kenzie has been promoted to Treasurer Emeritus.  Dan Penberthy has agreed to serve as treasurer.